4 hour collection: $600
A wedding day usually consists of 4 photographic events: bride's prep, the ceremony, portraits and reception. We usually can cover 3 of 4 of these photography events with 4 hour service.
6 hour collection: $800
This usually covers all four photography events (brides prep, ceremony, portraits and reception), 6 hour is a nice compromise between a budget and capturing your special day.
8 hour collection: $1000
This will cover your entire day from brides prep to reception! (this is the best option if you are unsure with how long the wedding day will be)
Engagement collection: $295
Capture the start of your life together by taking advantage of our Engagement Photo Shoot service! We will provide a professional photo shoot for you in your most memorable location i.e. favorite park, beach or cityscape.
Additional Time: $100 per hour
Coverage as long as you wish! To add additional time (over 8 hrs)